Photo Gallery

Your hosts, John and Liisa, cook for fun and to fund their passion for travel. Here you’ll find photos from some of their most recent classes, as well as places they have visited. Come join the fun!

Courtney and Kyle celebrated Kyle’s birthday at Cottage Cooking. They made miso soup, sushi and a crustless coconut custard pie. Hope to see you again.

These three couples enjoy traveling together and Asheville was no exception. After one week at their Air B and B, they invited us to cook with them. Southern cooking with lots of butter! The perfect way to end a couples getaway.

Experimenting with our friend Stefan … making pasta. We’re ready to give a class now! Stay tuned!

Repeat guests! We love that. Last time we went to them. This time they came to us and cooked the “lap of luxury” menu – filet mignon in port wine reduction, lava cakes and more! They even enjoyed a little time by the firepit while the steaks were searing. Hope to see you again!

Gabriela and Basil spent their five-year anniversary doing a private class with Cottage Cooking. They designed their own menu, enjoyed the deck and kitchen and had fun cooking together. New menu ideas!



Making pasta in Parma, Italy


Katherine, Kelly, Asia and Marla lunched on sushi while their husbands played golf at the Grove Park Inn. They saved some leftovers for them too! Have fun in Asheville and beware the bear.

Heidi celebrated her 13th birthday with four friends, along with her mom and grandmother. It was a Mexican Fiesta! Queso, Chicken Enchiladas and Mexican Spiced Chocolate Lava Cake.

Amy and Mike – repeat guests – escaped for an evening away from their twin 10-month old girls and 3 year old son. They enjoyed some adult conversation while making miso soup and sushi. Hope to see you again soon! Always a pleasure to have you visit and cook with us.

One of these couples won our donation of 4 classes to a recent silent auction for Will Willis’s family, an Asheville fire fighter who lost the fight for his life after a brave struggle with cancer. They invited their good friends to attend. They did the cooking with beer class. A toast was made to Will.

This young lady really enjoyed her chocolate mousse.

Celebrating our third year in business with five new Cottage Cooking guests – what could be better? Thanks Susan, Anna, Janet, Bill and Nikelle for joining us! Hope to see you again.

Repeat cottage guests, Melissa and Chris, tried their hand at vegan cuisine. What’s next? Three time’s a charm.

Independence Consulting visited Cottage Cooking as part of their corporate retreat. They were a competitive group and fun was had by all!

Cottage Cooking is doing some recipe research in Park City Utah! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it We’re exchanging culinary ideas.

Fun offsite class. This group has known each since college days! Nice job opening that champagne with the sabre, Bill!

Newlyweds, Anna and Heather, enjoyed sharing an evening with new to Asheville folks, Doug and Pat. Another case of entering as strangers and leaving as friends. Bon Appetit.


A Taste of Italy! Bobby and Caleb – a father and son team – and newcomer to Asheville, Kim, enjoyed a tasty evening at the cottage. We made Italian wedding soup, Chicken marsala and cannolis!


Dee Dee and her mom, Phyllis, and newlyweds Eric and Ellen, spent an evening making the Lap of Luxury menu – salmon mousse puffs, filet mignon in port wine reduction, asparagus and prosciutto, Hasselback potatoes and chocolate mousse. They cleaned their plates well!

The Armstrong family hosted sushi night! We started out with miso soup and ended up with thai creme caramel. Fun times!

Three work friends enjoyed a night at the cottage!

Meet Daphne, our new temp hire, to get us through the holiday rush! She’s one cool lady. 

Brittany and Rachel enjoyed a free class in exchange for helping us to do a new Cottage Cooking video. Stay tuned for the new video by Gary James soon.

Katie celebrated her 12th birthday with 3 of her besties! They cooked, danced a little and had some good eats! Happy birthday!!

Brayan was working on his high school thesis about Japanese food in American culture and his friend, Daniel came along for the ride. A mother and daughter team shared in the fun and they were also kale massaging experts! Sushi for everyone!

Another fun bachelorette party – the guest of honor – Jasmine – getting married in November – took a cooking class with her friends and family, Joy, Bridget, Chanelle and Jessica. Beware the bears ladies. Thanks for the “John jumping out of a cake suggestion” – stay tuned!

Rachel and John make samosas, Chicken tikka masala and mango lassis. Yum!

Asheville locals, the Fletchers, enjoyed date night at the cottage. 

Cottage Cooking visited the Pacific NW!

Another offsite event for a huge bachelorette party! 10 tipsy ladies = a memorable night for all!

Cottage Cooking goes offsite for a bachelorette party. 

Cottage Cooking plays around…

Cottage Cooking goes to Chicago for the honeymoon.

Cottage Cooking gets married.

Ilona and Hinson and Maureen and Hank enjoyed a fun evening at the cottage cooking southern fare. We hope to see you again.

Diane and Addison came to the cottage as a mother and daughter team to enjoy pork lettuce wraps, chicken lo mein and chocolate mousse.

Susan, Mary and Jennifer, mother and daughters, enjoyed a ladies night out at the Cottage. They made biscuits with compound butter, bourbon chicken, ginger sweet potatoes and banana puddin’

Odile, Casey and Jamie joined us for an evening of Indian cooking. We laughed, shared good food and parted as friends.

Bill and Susan, Brad and Maureen enjoyed the Magic of India. The dessert was a real hit – Mango Lassi!

Cottage Cooking visited Keystone, Colorado. They cooked and did some skiing too!

Laura, Terri and Angie had a girl’s night out. They plan to make the same dinner for their husbands in the next few weeks. Send pictures! Hope to see you again.

Happy Valentine’s day !!

Cooking with local beer with locals…

Two couples enjoyed a night away from the kids. They made sushi and shared stories about parenting. 

Three friends left their husbands home to goof around, cook and enjoy a fun night out. 

Cottage Cooking has moved into kitchen #3! This is it for awhile! We love it here and hope you will too!

Cottage Cooking celebrated Liisa’s birthday in style. They went scuba diving in the Caribbean, and ate great food and sampled delicious cocktails. Now, they’re eager to share their experience with you. 


Girl’s weekend – three generations of family fun.


Cottage Cooking goes skiing at Cataloochee.




Cottage Cooking goes to Alaska…


Fun with pizza!

Pizza making


Cottage Cooking visits NYC

 Kale, red pepper and carrot salad with ginger, peanut dressing.

Liisa- SaladSalad


Cottage Cooking goes scuba diving and experimented with underwater recipes.