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About John & Liisa

John Godts and Liisa Andreassen, a husband and wife team, are the brains behind the concept of Cottage Cooking – your go-to place for Asheville cooking classes. “Like many great ideas, it started over a glass of wine,” Andreassen says. “Friends were asking us to share our recipes and skills, so we figured if they wanted to learn more, others would too.” Andreassen has a background in catering. She was previously co-owner of “As You Like It” in Naples, FL and has been the editor for Grilled, a grilling magazine geared to men, in addition to writing chef profiles and numerous culinary columns. Currently, she has a writing business, Write Away, Inc., but enjoys entertaining and cooking on the side.

Godts hails from Brussels, Belgium, and has a few European specialties to share. He works as a physical therapist at Mission Hospitals, but also enjoys entertaining and cooking.

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What They’re Saying

We had a blast!  Everyone loved the entire experience and delicious food. We will be back.

Anne Banez

Such a fun evening! My daughter’s comment before we even made it to the car….”let’s do that again!” Special thanks to John and Liisa for putting together such a great evening

Krysten Shepherd

John and Liisa were wonderful teachers, and it felt like we were at our friends home for dinner. A unique dining experience!

Robert Hicks

What’s better than having a good time and eating excellent food? Not much. But with Cottage Cooking my partner and I got to participate fully in making our meal. John and Liisa and terrific guides for food preparation. What makes the experience so nice is that they are always positive and pleasant. They are also a sight to see when it comes to teamwork. They complement each other so well. While watching them I was saying to myself “Can’t wait to try the same teamwork with my partner when we cook together. All in all it was a great evening. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to combine a fun evening with learning about how to make a special meal.

Elliott Berv

We had a great time cooking with everyone! Justin was so surprised and the whole experience was very comfortable! It was like cooking with friends. We’ll definitely be doing it again next time we’re in Asheville! Thanks again!

Britney Jones
Just wanted to drop you few lines out of enthusiasm after this wonderful time in your nest where we also happen to have learned to cook new dishes and laughed. Quality time was key and at 20:35, a new friend stepped out from your home.
 Thank you so much Liisa and John for the wonderful cooking experience you gave Carrie and I. We loved it! Enjoyed the new recipes, great food and new friendship.
Susie Rabuck

Thank you for hosting this event and for your help in purchasing this night as a gift for my parents. You were so fast and friendly. I wish I could drive down there and go too! Hopefully, the next time I come to Asheville, we’ll meet. I know my mom and dad had a great time!

Susanna Curtis Cuarto

Soooo much fun! Can’t wait to do it again!!

Misty Haney

What an incredible experience James Purcell Atkins, Jr. and I had last night! We had a blast with John and Liisa… such an amazing and warm couple. We learned so many new cooking techniques. And, the food was outstanding! Can’t wait to try everything at home!

Robyn Young

What a great cooking experience!!!! John & Liisa were so much fun!!! We cooked, we massaged kale (lol), we laughed, we ate (soooooo much good food) and we had a GREAT time doing it all. If you have plans to visit Asheville you’ll definitely want to add Cottage Cooking to your itinerary! John & Liisa are the best and the food is de-frickin-licious (Liisa’s coined phrase.)

Carmelo Chaney

Cottage Cooking was the perfect date night for my husband and I. John and Liisa were fabulous hosts/cooking instructors! We learned how to cook 4 easy, yet delicious items and had such a great time doing it. Thanks for a wonderful birthday dinner!!

Connie Eldreth

A wonderful experience all the way around! We learned, we cooked, we laughed, and we ate delicious food! What could be better?!?!

Melinda Hager

My husband and I spent a lovely night celebrating his birthday. We learned some new, amazing recipes and had great conversations!

Ece Okarlton

Had so much fun! Highly recommend these guys – you will NOT be disappointed!

Eliza Jane

I have enjoyed some wonderful food with these two; I could not be more pleased!

Timothy Birthisel

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