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Empanada Night!

Pasta 101

Christmas Cookies!

Birthday Fun!

Family night!

Co-workers blowing off some steam.


Birthday fun!
Making salmon en papilotte

Cottage Cooking likes to monkey around!


Tasty treats!

New Year’s Eve Celebration at Cottage Cooking!

Fun with pasta!

Moroccan Night!

Ali attended our Saturday morning baking class – cheddar biscuits, blueberry ginger scones and classic white bread.

Happy 40th to Becky!

Fun group! Heather, Scott and their daughter, Austin, escaped Charleston and Dorian and spent some time at Cottage Cooking with visitors, Lisette and Janice. Austin was our youngest (and best behaved guest) to date! LOL.

Cottage Cooking visited Utah and had some awesome Navajo-style tacos.

Cottage Cooking attended a King Arthur Baking Class in Norwich, VT! Empanadas and Sicilian bread.

Making shrimp and avocado toast with salmon en papilotte.

Couples’ night out.

Friends’ Reunion!

Surprise birthday party!

Bachelorette Party

Couple’s night out!

These three moms enjoyed a kid-free zone for the night – they made vegan cuisine – shitake lettuce wraps, cauliflower meatballs and black bean brownies with raspberry coulis.

Chocolate mousse…yum!!!